VDOT Traffic Study shows BCP would increase congestion

The Southern Environmental Law Center, Coalition for Smarter Growth, Piedmont Environmental Council, National Trust for Historic Preservation, and National Parks Conservation Association have been active participants in the Section 106 Programmatic Agreement discussions with VDOT.  Collectively, these organizations are referred to as the “Coalition” because they share many of the same perspectives and objectives for managing growth.  They proposed a package of alternative projects that offer more effective, lower cost solutions to the traffic problems experienced in Northern Virginia.  

VDOT prepared a study of the various alternatives in May of 2013 and concluded that none of the projects were feasible or affordable alternatives.  The Coalition responded with a detailed analysis of the study and  concluded that VDOT’s own traffic data showed that  “ the proposed Bi-County Parkway (“BCP”) would worsen, not relieve, traffic congestion. The same model shows that the comprehensive alternative offered by our coalition (termed the “Substitute Vision” by VDOT) will better address congestion in the study area, and better serve the dominant need for east-west traffic capacity—now and in the future.”

The Coalition’s report can be found here:  Rethinking the Bi-County Parkway

See the Washington Post article on this topic here:  Bi-County Parkway in Virginia will add congestion

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