Sec. of Transportation Defends Bi-County Parkway at PWC Supervisors Meeting

VDOT Secretary of Transportation Sean Connaughton spoke to the PWC Board of Supervisors on Tuesday August 6th.  His long awaited appearance was disappointing to most members of the public and several supervisors who continued to question the assumptions and rationale behind the North South Corridor Master Plan and the Bi-County Parkway project.  Among the most contentious assertions by Sec. Connaughton was that truck traffic would not increase significantly on the BCP, even though this has been a principal rationale in VDOT’s public  presentations.   Sec. Connaughton tried to downplay the significance of the Commonwealth Transportation Board’s approval of the North South Master Plan in June and the legal importance of the Section 106 Programmatic Agreement as “paperwork” that would not ensure that the project is built at all.  This assertions was greeted with extreme skepticism.

For a more complete report on Connaughtons’s remarks, see the Washington Post article:

Sean Connaughton Remarks to PWC Board of Supervisors

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